Customer Testimonials

Read comments from some of our customers who have used Stickler Learning's training programs.

"Our bank has had an excellent relationship with Stickler Learning since 1999. Kent has done a great job of presenting Leader Effectiveness Training (LET) to our managers. LET has been the key factor in our team building and has enabled our organization to develop a culture where we have become effective leaders with problem-solving skills."

Martin Carpenter, Chairman and CEO
First National Banking Company
Ash Flat, Arkansas

"Kent Stickler and his frontline service and sales training programs have been paramount in the establishment of an excellent service and sales culture at Redwood Capital Bank. The training is practical and simple enough to be implemented immediately. This is the second bank for which I have implemented this system, and, at both locations, we have achieved the best in market service levels and consistently increased our market share. The program provides clarity of expectations and skills for implementation. The program works."

John Dalby, President and CEO
Redwood Capital Bank
Eureka, California

"A bank that desires a strong sales culture must be genuinely customer oriented, and it must have a missionary zeal to provide high-quality service. To accomplish these lofty goals, a bank must know the core values of what makes employees tick in their interpersonal relationships with customers. Starting in 1978 with Kent Stickler's validating programs as our core, we were able to accomplish this and carry on these traditions for many years. It is all about building a relationship heritage."

Jim Daniel, Vice Chairman
BancFirst Corporation
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Our bank has worked with Stickler Learning for leadership training and development over the past couple years. Not only is Kent Stickler a dynamic and motivating speaker, but also his programs are unique in that they hold managers directly accountable for practicing the positive behaviors that they have learned. Few other programs that I've seen have such an intense focus on accountability. For us, that accountability has resulted in true learning and development of our management staff – the lifeblood of our business."

Brian Roby, President and CEO
First National Bank
Olathe, Kansas

"BankPlus has enjoyed a close working relationship with Stickler Learning since 1990. BankPlus has been voted one of the "Best Places to Work in Mississippi" by our employees two years in a row, and we feel this is, in part, due to the leadership training provided to our managers by Stickler Learning. The annual leadership refresher courses and Reverse Evaluation provided by Stickler Learning combine to complete the package and hold us accountable. Stickler Learning and BankPlus go together, and we are proud to be connected to such an innovative and personal company."

Dianne Pepper, SVP and Director of Human Resources
Jackson, Mississippi

"Inspirational. Insightful. Practical. Kent Stickler has earned these and many other superlatives over the past 30 years. Kent is one of the most significant sales and leadership consultants of our time. He has developed exceptional learning content, and his collaborative style has contributed to the personal growth of countless bankers, from tellers to presidents. When you think about the true life changers in our industry, Kent Stickler heads the list."

Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer
St. Meyer & Hubbard, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

"Kent Stickler embodies his message of service and sales. For over 30 years, he has dedicated himself to being a leading teacher in our industry. I doubt there is a state in the country without at least one bank where employees have been touched by the heart and mind of this man. These banks are not hard to find because they are top performers."

Jim Donnelly, Professor
University of Kentucky
Nationally recognized speaker and trainer

"For many years, Kent Stickler has been instrumental in helping the Graduate School of Banking achieve its objective of educating tomorrow's leaders about how to position their banks as solid performers in an intense, competitive environment. His presentations are always insightful and straightforward, illustrating the realities about the critical role of sales and marketing in bringing about consistent success in banking."

Harry Argue, President and CEO
Graduate School of Banking
University of Wisconsin – Madison

"The implementation of Stickler Learning concepts in the bank has made a tremendous impact on our bottom line. The tools are practical and work for all levels of the organization. The leadership training has taken our leadership to a whole new level of effectiveness, even aiding our retention and the overall morale of the organization."

Rebeca Romero Rainey, Chairman and CEO
Centinel Bank
Taos, New Mexico

"Kent Stickler has been speaking and teaching for the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking for over 20 years. It has been my pleasure to know him and work with him during that time. Kent speaks at the end of the two-week program – one of the most difficult spots in the program – and he has always done an exceptional job. Motivating and informative. The best."

Scott MacDonald, President and CEO
Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at SMU
Dallas, Texas

"Sunflower Bank has been a customer of Stickler Learning for a number of years. The benefits of Stickler's products and services to our bank are clear. Our managers are better supervisors and understand how to manage conflict and effectively deal with their direct reports. Our successful results are documented by the continual improvement in our Reverse Evaluation scores."

Jim VanEmburgh, EVP and Chief Credit Officer
Sunflower Bank
Salina, Kansas

"Kent Stickler's program has had a strong, positive impact on our leadership development. His Reverse Evaluation process has provided a coaching and mentoring framework that has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our leadership at all levels of the bank. The skills he teaches are beneficial in both professional and personal relationships."

Todd Adams, President and CEO
Adams Bank & Trust Company
Ogallala, Nebraska

"The educational opportunities provided by Stickler Learning create a competitive advantage. To be successful in the highly competitive financial services industry, we must exceed market expectations. Stickler Learning's products have assisted my organization with the goal of being the financial services provider of choice."

Terry S. Key, President and CEO
Lubbock National Bank
Lubbock, Texas

"To me, Leader Effectiveness Training is not negotiable. Anyone who is going to be in a leadership position in our bank has to take this course, and Kent Stickler does a wonderful job at teaching. This course will benefit anyone who takes it, either from a business or personal standpoint."

Larry G. Dillon, President and CEO
Citizens & Farmers Bank
Toano, Virginia