Partial Listing of Speeches and On-Site/Personal Seminars

  1. Being Made a Leader Doesn't Necessarily Make You One
  2. Doing It Yourself or With the Team's Help
  3. Changing From Order-Giver, Controller of People to Coach, Teacher, Facilitator
  4. Does the CEO Really Count?
  5. Effective Executive Leadership
  6. Leadership at the Top. It's EQ, Not IQ
  7. Employee Effectiveness Training (EET)
  8. The Five-Star Senior Manager
  9. Leader Effectiveness at Home, Work or Wherever
  10. Managing Diversity Between The CEO and Senior Team
  11. Measuring Leadership Effectiveness
  12. Partnership Selling 1 (How to Make an Effective Sales Call)
  13. Peak Performance
  14. Peak Performers Conquer Change
  15. Seeing the Future First
  16. "Sell" Is Not a Four-Letter Word
  17. Top Achievers
  18. The Service Edge
  19. Peak Performance
  20. The Last Five Feet
  21. EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  22. EQ Versus IQ, the Key to Leadership Effectiveness
  23. Your People Skills Count
  24. Going the Extra Mile
  25. The Attitude Factor