Ordering and General Contact Information

To order a program for your staff, you may contact us via mail, phone or email.

Mail your order to:
Stickler Learning
P.O. Box 4430
Clearwater, FL 33758-4430
Call Toll-free: 800-272-5932
Or email info@stickleronline.com

TopBank e-Programs Subscription Fees

Bank Asset Size

Monthly Fee*

$0-100 million


$100-500 million


$500 million-1 billion


$1 billion-2 billion


$2 billion+


*Payments made monthly through ACH. Contract is cancelable with 60 days notice.

On-Site, In-Person Training Fees


Partnership Sales I (PSI-B, Business)


Partnership Sales I (PSI-C, Consumer)


How to Manage a Service and Sales-Minded Bank



LET (3 Days)


Leadership Refreshers


Reverse Evaluation


Speeches, Seminars, Conferences

An entire day or any part of a day



PSI-B, C, Sales Management workbooks


LET training kits


Travel Expenses

Billed additionally

*Includes 100 surveys and one day for feedback ($10 for each additional survey).